cushman golf cart

cushman golf cart

cushman golf cart

cushman golf cart

Cushman is a name well known in the industry and the history of the Cushman golf carts begins with the ever popular gas tricycle tricycles used by underground Maids.

You remember them. These are small cars that buyers used to track and deliver afternoon around nasty parking tickets. They were driven by a cycle of four 2-cylinder engine.

But Cushman was also known for his three-wheeled golf carts known as the 735. It originated in the same cycle of four 2-cylinder, but later became a power for the cycle 4 8 or 10 hp. It also offered an electric golf cart 36 volts, which had GE electric motor.

In 1975, Cushman golf cart passed was released. After that they focused their energy on other types of utility of vehicles that were designed to carry loads and be used for lawn care.

England Ransomes then purchased the company. In 1998 the company was acquired by Textron Corp., which is the parent company Jacobson Turf Equipment and EZ Go golf carts.

Cushman combo in the rear seal cover a way to you to carry your golf bag or can carry two additional passengers face backwards.

The combo comes with all sorts of accessories including turn signals, Clearly, much higher, windshields and brake lights.

Today there is a full line of Cushman golf carts:

2 buttons
It has an electric motor of 48 volts with a capacity of 1,200 pounds of cargo and a cargo cover, which measures 48 inches by 68.5 inches. It has two passenger and not up to 15 mph.

Also Available with a 11 hp 4 stroke 350 cc of double cylinder gas engine with a capacity of 1,200 pounds of cargo and 15 mph speed limit.

Both models have a chassis welded steel tube with rack and pinion direction. It has electric brakes, mechanical drum breaks in the rear, hydraulic disc the front. It comes with the blade from multiple sources, and a padded seat.

You can choose some packages of accessories including headlights, taillights, lights brake, a windshield, a cover, hubcaps, and turn signals.

There is also the button 4 and button 6. The main difference is the body style. Both have the gas or electric motor like the buttons 2. Then there is the ferry line 2 +2. The 2 +2 comes with a 36-volt electric motor and a payload of 800 pounds, with speeds around 14 mph. It has capacity for 4 and has a larger body of the series of buttons.

The model is a 4-cylinder petrol and 9 HP 295 two-cylinder engine with 800 pounds of payload and a top speed of 14 mph.

Management has rack and pinion in a steel tube soldier chassis. It has mechanical drum brakes all adjustable and padded seats as standard equipment. Options include wheel covers, a top, a windshield, wheel covers, and turn signals.

Parts and accessories line available for the first models of the current models. Cushman golf carts have been around for a long time and have come a long way since tricycles Meter Maid of the early days.

demo of my 1964 Cushman Golfster golf cart

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